Customers of Quarantined Marine enjoy the peace of mind of an arrive alive guarantee on all fish purchased from Quarantined Marine.  

Unfortunately there is no way for us to completely guarantee a disease or pathogen free fish as there are many variables in play.  For one, we are combating microorganisms that have evolved to survive and proliferate particularly in an aquarium setting where the water volume is limited and fish are exposed to unnatural stressors.  Moreover, we cannot guarantee that your system is free of pests upon introduction of a fish purchased from Quarantined Marine.  Thus, symptoms may appear after introduction due to pathogens which were already present in your display.  There is no way for us to effectively account for these variables.

Here is what we can guarantee:

1) All of our fish have been prophylactically treated to rid the fish of the most common ailments, including Cryptocaryon irritans (Marine "Ich"), Amylodinium (Marine "Velvet"), N. melleni (Flukes), Uronema, intestinal worms and bacterial infections;

2) All of our fish are eating prepared dry and/or frozen foods at the time they are placed for sale on the website; and

3) All of our fish have been provided with professional care with every effort made to ensure the fish are disease free and visually healthy at the time they are placed for sale on the website and again prior to shipping. 

And of course, every fish purchased from Quarantined Marine is guaranteed to arrive alive.  Those that have been in this great hobby for any length of time know that there are no certainties, but we are confident in our processes and confident that our fish are among the healthiest fish available on the market.

In order to make a claim under this guarantee, we require photographs of both sides of the deceased fish. Upon approval of your claim, you will be issued a store credit which may be used toward the purchase of another fish or the fish may be replaced by us.  Shipping costs are non-refundable.   

In order to reduce losses, our acclimation procedure should be followed precisely.  Importantly, our acclimation procedure does not utilize a "drip method" for acclimating fish that have been shipped as this method has been shown to cause irreversible damage to the gills of the fish due to ammonia burn upon the shipping water being exposed to air.  Please review the acclimation procedure outlined on our site prior to your fish arriving to ensure the best likelihood of success.