1) Can I add my Quarantined Marine fish directly to my display tank?

Answer: There is no straightforward answer to this question.  Best practices would dictate an additional 14-day observation period prior to adding your new fish to your display.  This additional observation period is useful to allow your fish to recover from shipping and/or transport as well as allow you to properly acclimate the fish to the conditions in your display tank.  For instance, your display tank salinity may not match the salinity your fish came from and this period could be used to slowly raise or lower the salinity to match your display tank.  Because the fish has already been treated by Quarantined Marine, this 14-day observation period should be just that, observation, without the need for any medications or treatment.  This observation period will provide additional reassurance that your fish is healthy and disease free prior to going into your display tank.  With all of that being said, we will not sell any fish that we would not personally be comfortable placing in one of our own display tanks.

2) What is your shipping policy?

Answer: Priority overnight shipping is offered for a flat fee of $60.00 per order with a $100 order minimum for a standard size box.  Orders less than $100 will be charged actual shipping costs (typically between $75-$85).  Larger orders or fish requiring large boxes will be assessed an additional charge for shipping. All shipping charges are non-refundable.  Typically the $60 shipping rate will apply to most orders.  If you are ordering a large fish, many fish, or a fish that is known to be a difficult fish, please contact me to discuss expected shipping costs prior to ordering.  

3) Can I pick up my fish locally?

Answer: Yes!  In fact, it is preferred.  If you are in the Tampa Bay area and would like to arrange a free pick-up or delivery, with certain limitations, of your new fish, please let me know when you order.  If you choose this option, I will refund any shipping charges incurred at checkout. 

4) How often do you add fish to your website?

Answer: Most fish are sold on a pre-order basis. However, unclaimed fish will be placed on the website as they are available.  Thus, please contact me with the fish you are looking for and I will do my best to locate the fish and run it through QT.   

5) Can you procure a fish for me?

Answer: Have a particular fish in mind?  Let me know and I will do my best to find it and quarantine it for you.  

6) I have a question/concern/complaint.  What do I do?

Answer: Email us!  I will do everything I can to answer your questions, respond to your concerns and resolve your complaints.  I am a one-man show and I value your business and support.  So you can rest assured that I will go above and beyond to earn and keep your business no matter what it takes.