About Us

Quarantined Marine was created to address the most common problems faced by marine aquarists: diseases and parasites afflicting marine fish.  Too many fish perish and too many aquarists exit the hobby prematurely due to pathogens introduced into aquarists' display tanks from either a lack of or an inadequate quarantine protocol.  There seems to be endless options for specialty coral dealers and the hobby has made significant strides in caring for and growing coral.  Fish, it seems, have been left behind and that's where Quarantined Marine comes in.   

It is understandable that many aquarists skip the quarantine procedure as a proper quarantine protocol requires additional tanks, equipment, medicines and most of all TIME.  Even though patience is a virtue in this hobby, no one wants to purchase a new fish and then wait up to two months or more before introducing the new fish to the display tank.  Thus, many choose to roll the dice and forego the quarantine process.  This often ends in disaster including loss of life, loss of money, and loss of interest in the hobby.  

Quarantined Marine is here to solve these issues.  All fish purchased from Quarantined Marine have undergone an extensive treatment and quarantine protocol.  Our fish are prophylactically treated to rid them of the most common deadly pathogens, including Cryptocaryon irritans (Marine "Ich"), Amylodinium (Marine "Velvet"), N. melleni (Flukes), Uronema, intestinal worms and bacterial infections.

Because of the amount of time and expense that goes into preparing each fish prior to listing it for sale, our fish command a premium price tag.  However, this is a small price to pay to let us handle the quarantine process for you and the peace of mind knowing that the fish you are buying has been extensively treated and cared for prior to your purchase.  We are not a large commercial operation which allows us to truly care for the individual needs of each fish we sell.

We hope you trust us with your next fish purchase.